Link-Up East Cape : Health in the Spirit of Togetherness

Link-Up East Cape

Health in the Spirit of Togetherness

What this is about

Link-Up East Cape offers information on Forthcoming Events, Workshops, Lectures, Facilities and Services available in the Eastern Cape and throughout Southern Africa.

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Your Input needed

Please contact us about advertising, subscribing and/or contributing articles or having your own regular space.


Initially the new Link-Up East Cape will be web and email based with revenue from adverts.

A printed version, as before, will perhaps be available, but the logistics and cost preclude this at present.


Advertising rates should be very reasonable.

Please send in your adverts.

These will be FREE until I get the invoicing system working.


Contact Link-Up East Cape by email
or c/o Tony Moody
PO Box 24
Hogsback 5721
South Africa
Phone: +27(0)45 962 1131
cel: +27(0)73 689 5742