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Handling Emotions

Some helpful hints and methods to use when life gets emotionally heavy or difficult. Or when the milk gets spilled 'cos you tripped over the cat.

A booklet which may be printed double-sided on A4 paper and then folded into a handy A5 booklet.
A small, 2 sheet double sided 71kb .pdf document

Dry Skin Brushing

Methods for promoting lymph drainage.
A single page, 51kb .pdf document

Back Pain

Some methods for dealing with back pain.
A single page, 15kb .pdf document

Basic Squat and Health Exercises

Some Methods for acheiving back health
A single page, 8kb .pdf document

Bad Knees Stretches.pdf

Some Methods for acheiving knee health
A single page draft, 8kb .pdf document

There will be more to follow.

To sleep, do this:

Get ready for bed and just before getting into bed; stand with your eyes softly open. Gently allow your upper body to slowly twist from side to side; allow your head and shoulders to follow and turn, to allow your eyes to look from one side of your space to the other.

Blink a few times per swing. blink at end of each swing.

Relax your looking, try to be aware of your breath or the feel in your body.

Do this for about 3 minutes, then get into bed, switch the light off and go to sleep.

After a week or so of doing the above, you might notice that your eyes flick from one point to another. This is a desired effect. Your eye muscles have started to relax.



MIR Method

MIR-Method ® Self Healing to be used at Home!